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Iyengar Yoga Classes, Glasgow. Online and In-Person.

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We specialise in Iyengar Yoga

This yoga technique emphasises precision and alignment, prioritising quality of movement over quantity. Postures are held for longer allowing muscles to lengthen and relax.

Beginners are taught standing poses first so as to build a stable foundation before introducing a fuller range of postures that are more demanding.

Each group of postures develops the body in different ways, and each have different qualities such as grounding, energising, strengthening, stimulating and calming. Once the body and mind are strong enough to be still without distraction, students are introduced to pranayama, a form of yogic breathing.

Regular practice increases suppleness, strength and stamina and improves posture. It also aids concentration and quietens the mind to promote well-being.

Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.

Frances has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for thirty years and opened her own studio in Glasgow in 2006.

She gained her Introductory Level Certificate in 1997 after leaving her job as a primary school teacher and retraining as a yoga instructor under the tutelage of senior teachers Elaine Pidgeon and Meg Laing, before then going to study at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune with Prashant and Geeta Iyengar.

Frances also holds a Senior Level 1 qualification and is qualified to run introductory to intermediate level classes. 


Andrew discovered yoga whilst looking for treatment for a back condition and felt the benefits immediately. He has been teaching Iyengar yoga since 2010 and holds a Iyengar Junior Intermediate Level 2 Certificate.

Emma is a qualified physiotherapist and has been teaching Iyengar yoga since 2008. She holds a Junior Intermediate 1 Certificate.

Valerie has a lifelong interest in dance and was attracted to the grace and beauty of yoga. She became a teacher in 2005 and holds a Junior Intermediate Level 3 Certificate.

Gillian comes from a sporting background and has been practising yoga for over 20 years. She holds an Introductory Teaching Certificate.


The studio has a beautiful bamboo floor and is a warm, light and welcoming space for up to 20 students. We offer on-line and in-person classes, and four levels of experience…

Beginner for all new students or those with less than two years experience of Iyengar Yoga. Basic yoga poses (asanas) are taught to develop strength, stamina and flexibility.

General for anyone who’s been practising the Iyengar method for at least a year.

General/Intermediate for students who have been coming to Iyengar yoga classes regularly for at least two years. Work is more intensive than at Beginner’s level and you will be introduced to a wider variety of asanas, and basic pranayama.

Intermediate for students with at least four years training in Iyengar yoga, who can maintain a stable Sirsasana and Sarvangasana for at least five minutes. Work will be more demanding than at General level and asanas are studied in more detail.

We also offer one-to-one classes for any level either to learn the basics… to refine your postures… or to help with specific health concerns.

All our classes can be booked online, or you can just turn up!… Here are our prices:

  • Drop In – £15
  • Beginners / General / General & Intermediate 5 class pass – £50 (valid 60 days)
  • All levels 5 class pass – £60 (valid 60 days)
  • All levels 10 class pass – £90 (valid 60 days)
  • Unlimited class contract- £95 (2 month min. rolling contract)
  • Private tuition (1 hour): £50


We host regular Introduction to Yoga Beginners Courses and Workshops… Workshops from Level 1-3 with our own team as well as visiting instructors… Restorative and Pranayama Workshops… and Weekend Retreats. You can find details on these here

We have a monthly Podcast series called “What’s On Your Mind, Frances?” which is a collection of her thoughts on different issues mainly related to health and fitness. You can listen to it here

Yoga is when every cell of the body sings the song of the soul…


Q I’m New To Iyengar Yoga. Where Do I Start?

We advise absolute beginners to take our six-week Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Course, or our 2-hour Beginners Yoga workshop. We want you to feel safe and confident on the mat before you join a bigger class.

Q What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga builds strength and stamina, improves flexibility, muscle tone and posture and calms the mind. Regular practice develops awareness and concentration and promotes general wellbeing. There are numerous documented health benefits of yoga.

Q How often should I attend Yoga classes?

We recommend you come along at least once a week. In this way, you will see yourself progress quicker. We offer classes 6 days a week at the Glasgow studio. We also offer class passes to make coming regularly more affordable!

Q Can I attend classes if I am pregnant?

If you can attend a class dedicated to pregnancy yoga and you are 16 to 28 weeks pregnant, then no prior experience is necessary. If there is no pregnancy class available and you have been attending a regular class you can continue this from 16 weeks.

If you are pregnant and have never done any yoga before you will be unable to attend a class.

Q Do I need to book in advance?

The introductory course must be booked in advance. As the studio can only hold a small amount of students it is recommended to book for a 4 week block although “drop ins” are possible if there is enough space but this cannot always be guaranteed.

4 Reviews for The Yoga Extension

Charlotte 1 Reviews
This place is magical and so welcoming

A wonderful bright and welcoming space in which Iyengar Yoga is taught with compassion and dedication. Everybody and all levels from beginners to advanced students are welcomed and included. A magical yoga space in the heart of Glasgow

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Scott 1 Reviews
I feel fitter than ever since joining this class

Only join this class if you want to get stronger, lighter, more fluid, more mindful, more fulfilled. I no longer fear getting older, and look forward to getting fitter in all departments!

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Sasha 1 Reviews
The studio is so welcoming

Since starting as a beginner back in August, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far. The studio is welcoming to everyone, at all levels, so there’s no need to feel uncomfortable or worried about having a go and getting it less than perfect. If you’re toying with the idea of taking up yoga, I would heartily recommend this studio and all of the highly experienced and friendly teachers. My only regret is that I wish I’d done it years ago.

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Beth 1 Reviews
I am stronger and calmer than I have ever been

Online classes with The Yoga Extension have been a total lockdown saviour for me. It’s allowed me to keep some sort of routine and as a bonus, I’m stronger and calmer then I’ve ever been.

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