The Wisdom Witches

Let our magical abilities support you through your life journey

The Wisdom Witches is a membership organisation that offers both a weekly online environment and quarterly residential retreats of mutual support and trust where we explore life’s milestones and potholes together. We discover how to seed and nurture happiness and grow to become aligned and fulfilled to your inner purpose.

Within the Wisdom Witches knowledge bank we have an energy medicine practitioner, a humanologist, a psychotherapist and a yoga/ astrologer/shaman.

Each week at our online Friday Forum we present a different topic for discussion. All are welcome (including non-members) and questions can be posed either in advance or during each Friday forum.

We also offer quarterly residential retreats where you can relax, awaken and unwind while you enjoy some wonderful vegetarian and vegan food and connect with some like minded spirits. Some of the experiences during your stay include:-

Sound Healing, Meditation, Cold Water Dipping, Yoga, and Energy Medicine


Q Who are The Wisdom Witches

The Wisdom Witches are three individuals, who collectively have over 100 years’ experience in guiding and motivating others to become their best selves through improved connection to their own and others' wisdom, self-understanding and well-being.