The Dinner Bell Bistro Claimed

Good, honest food.

Welcome to The Dinner Bell Bistro!

We would LOVE to say we have 10 Michelin Stars or that we have been featured on the front of OK! magazine because we catered for the Queen of Sheba but we can’t. (Mostly because we don’t know who the Queen of Sheba is.)

What we CAN say, and with loads of pride, is that we do good food, HONEST food and food that can fill a hole without emptying the bank. We can’t overprice our meals because we didn’t use tweezers to put it on your plate and we can’t charge an arm and a leg for coffee because we didn’t get it imported from Brazil. See? Honesty! Plus, our staff are really friendly, we like to offer a laugh, and we give that away for free! Both Pete and Sam are the chef’s, but try holding down THAT career with 2 kids and a business to run! Pete works his wee bum off and is mostly holding down the fort on his own, so if you come down, please do say hi and let him know how much his efforts are noticed. It really makes a difference!

We’re here to make good food and good coffee using the good folk that provide home grown products. What we put on your plate we try to source from the farm up the road, the butcher man on the high street and the bakery down the way who get up really early and work really hard to make an living. We’re super proud to endorse our use of local shops and we sincerely hope we can reflect our passion for this each of our dishes. We try to make a lot from scratch, in house, and if we can’t? Well… Poor Dave the baker will be up at 4am to make it for us! (Only joking! His name is actually Alan…)

We do pretty awesome breakfast and lunches, but if you just want a cuppa, we can do that too!

Some have said we do the best fry on the Ards peninsula. Others have said our lunches are the best in Donaghadee. We aren’t out to win any awards (although sometimes we do get to enter and your votes would be seriously awesome!) or be competition to other places like us but we do want to do our best and hopefully it shows in our food and service. We’ll let you make up your own mind, so come down and give us a try! Even if we aren’t quite THE BEST, we’re happy to be firm favourites =)

Plus, if you come down enough, you’re bound to bump into our little rockets, Demolition Dylan and Juggernaut Joshua! Dylan is totes crazy and a real live wire- he’s lots of fun with a devils grin and the heart of an angel, and Joshua is a maniac with a miracle history, wisened eyes and is completely incorrigable!

We’re really happy to have you, so sit back, relax and let the good times roll.

Pete & Sam

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