Sound Balance Scotland

Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit with Integral Sound Healing

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Group sound baths
1 to 1 Integral Sound Healing Sessions
Sessions for community groups
Drum circles

Morag is an Integral Sound Healing practitioner based in Central Scotland. She also runs regular courses for the Sound Healing Academy.

She currently works both online via Zoom and in-person (when covid restrictions permit) offering:

• 1 to 1 sessions in Integral Sound Healing
• Regular sound baths
• Drumming and chanting circles
• Activities for community groups
• Laughter yoga sessions • Meditation
• Transformational Breath groups and 1 to 1s

Integral Sound Healing is a powerful process which balances body, mind and spirit. It was developed by the Sound Healing Academy and is a blend of modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, art and music therapy.

It looks beneath the symptoms of ill health to the root causes which may stem from:

Suppressed emotions such as unexpressed grief
Unresolved trauma – even going back to birth

These are often stored in the body and can lead to energetic blocks in the body. When the root cause is integrated, energy begins to flow again and the body’s natural healing mechanisms are activated. Sound healing simply facilitates the process. The body does the healing.

Sound therapy also helps counteract daily stress creating deep levels of relaxation helping strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system and promote deep, refreshing sleep. 

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3 Reviews for Sound Balance Scotland

Louise Ann 1 Reviews
A rare skill

I’ve experienced both a group soundbath and breath work with Morag and both times was guided and supported with such sensitivity and skill. The sessions are wonderfully rich and healing, thanks Morag!

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Anna Billes 1 Reviews
Incredible Zoom Sessions

Morag has a beautiful presence and the gift of making everyone feel very capable and relaxed in her company (on Zoom and in person). She has a vast knowledge of all things re therapeutic sound and music and her passion for this subject really shines through in her sessions. Every time I attend one of Morag’s sessions, I come away feeling refreshed and much lighter in myself.

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Anna 1 Reviews
Skilled practitioner and teacher with a wide range of powerful techniques

I have experienced a variety of sessions with Morag, both individually and in groups. From laughter yoga to sound therapy and breath work, I consistently find a positive impact for my wellbeing. As someone who supports other people in my work, Morag’s sessions are a vital part of my self-care. Highly recommended.

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