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I am, among many things, an emotional empath, an intuitive, an Alchemist, Starlight Interpreter, an empowerment facilitator and a High Priestess a strange title in modern days. What it means is that I have immersed myself in training that has allowed me to accept sovereignty of my own energy, my body and my choices in this life.

My Story

I am an Advanced Practitioner in Flower & Vibrational Medicine and am accredited by the governing bodies of the BFVEA (British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association) and BAFEP (British Association of Flower Essence Producers)

I qualified as a clinical aromatherapist in 1999 but became disillusioned with the work after a few years; exhausted treating my long term clients every month with the same conditions; and  frustrated I could not educate them how to make the changes to help their conditions.

I then diversified into Reiki and energy healing; I joined spiritual development classes and mediumship classes; and I expanded my self-awareness. Until I finally stumbled upon an advanced practitioner course on Bach Flower Remedies which I LOVED.  I qualified in 2016 and have been practising ever since.

I am pleased with the route I took as I have learnt so much invaluable information that I would not otherwise have discovered, which enhances my ability to support my clients.

My Passion

I have a strong connection with the nature kingdom… the land… the stars… and the universes beyond.  My wish is that everyone finds their answers through an understanding of their relationship with them.

My Purpose

I hold a safe and sacred space for those who are feeling  emotionally overwhelmed or who have done their fair share of self work but still come across the stumbling block of self worth and self belief.

I help them to explore their blocks and emotional issues, and find the answers that allow them to release old patterns of behaviour and to move forward in a more purposeful and fulfilling way.       

My Products

I have created the range of EeeShel Trinity Essences to help support both myself and others. The essence range is constantly growing and is categorised into:

  • Crystal
  • Flower
  • Starlight
  • Vibrational 

My Role

I work with vibrational Essences, intuitive processes and simple protocols to help you find your own unique way. I believe when we access the full spectrum of who we are and embody that – the world makes more sense and we can get on with doing what it is that we came here to do.

I invite you to a free 20 minute online consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help you. 

Evening appointments are  available on request.

Empath  :  Intuitive  :  Alchemist  :  Starlight Interpreter  :  High Priestess


Q Do you offer online appointments?

Yes, most of my sessions are online which means I can treat clients wherever they live in the country.

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Eileen 1 Reviews
Sally's bottles of essences are extremely beneficial

I have used Sally’s services on more than a few occasions – specifically tailored flower essence remedies. As someone who is highly sensitive and empathic to other’s energy and who has been suffering extreme noise sensitivity for a few years. I have found the prescribed bottles extremely beneficial. Sally has a great deal of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. She is warm, caring and puts you at ease. Highly recommended will be using this service again

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Jane 1 Reviews
Cant recommend Sally highly enough!

Sally is one of the most intuitive beings I know. Her essences are fantastic and do exactly what they say on the tin!! I attended her Fragments of Gold 5 day course and I found it to not only be very therapeutic and brought me back to myself, there really isn’t much that Sally doesn’t know about gold. It made me realize some things about myself but the whole process was gentle and it really connected with me. Sally is an empath and has great strength about her and I can’t recommend her highly enough if you need someone to guide you and help you find your true essence

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