ReWilding Retreat Claimed

Retreat, Reset, Remember, Reconnect

ReWilding Retreat offers deep immersive retreats back to nature, a reset of sorts, where you are able to remember that you are a deep part of the nature around you.

We are no ordinary retreat venue, personalising your stay, ensuring that we assist in your reclamation of self, in a gentle, yet powerful way.  There is no ‘fluff’ to be found here, often, this could be the most hardcore retreat you have ever experienced, yet, it is our hope, that you return to your familiar environment, changed beyond belief, and seeking to expand that change, in many creative ways.

The challenges you will face, are your own mind, in the main, releasing the entrapments that you may not even be aware of (and as your facilitator i wish to let you know, that i too, become changed, with each soul who comes to stay with us)

The world of man, has forgotten the most important fact…that we ARE nature, and nature depends as much on our remembering that, as we depend on nature for our very survival.

Shedding the layers of our technological lifestyles is our greatest challenge, why not come and walk this path back to your true, wild self, with those who live it every day?

from a completely silent retreat, where you are able to be alone, with nature around you, to a deep immersion into becoming nature once again, led by devoted rewilding guide, revna, living life in ceremony with the land beneath our feet, our home will love you back to harmony again, one moment at a time.

your stay will be in one of our beautiful wooden horse lorries, cozy, warm and with just the basics of living simply, no power, no flicking a switch,  yet completely held by the land around you!

simple food, cooked over fire, sourced locally, drinks made from what we forage or from the herb gardens gifts, (plus good coffee) this aspect is often the most challenging, for, if we cannot source it locally, in season, we won’t have it to serve to our bodies – letting go of the convenience of our food store abundance, can really trigger things in our psyche that we don’t realise are there until we face change.



Q what is rewilding?

Our way of ReWilding is centred on our human immersion back into the steady and wise flow of our natural environment. A gentle inhale and exhale that never ends, stretching out the pause in our busy lives, that blocks out the silence, the space we need to fall in love with again for our ultimate wellbeing. In the calm quiet places, away from the hustle, the noise, the smells of familiar habits, something magical happens, and we are here to guide you through the doorway into that world of wonderful change.

ReWilding has emerged in many forms over the last few years, our landscapes have changed dramatically as human habits have taken up so much of our natural resources, our forests have largely been destroyed, leaving almost barren habitats in the aftermath, soil erosion over vast acreage from industrial agriculture, pollution of the fresh waterways and our oceans, the story goes on. We have forgotten how we fit into our wild landscape and how integral it is that the wild fits into our lives for our wellbeing as much as we can be for the health of the land. Too few of us carry the wild in our hearts, yet there is a quiet part of us always there, listening and communicating, a tinkling itch that calls out to our memories…come home, come home.

ReWilding the self is focussed on how humans can reintegrate into the wild around us, relearning all the senses we have lost, those smells, sounds, touch, awareness, taste, hearing and sensing acutely what our environment has to share with us, in the wild and in the built environment, once we return to our wild state, life is changed forever. We become undomesticated once more, as we feed and nurture that wildness inside us, and we can once again learn to live well with all our relations.

When we rewild our selves the benefits keep on growing, our mental health improves, our physical health strengthens and our behaviour alters in a way that others around us also begin to respond differently, almost like our lives give them permission to explore this new wild realm also.

It is about more than spending a little time in nature, it is accepting the invitation to immerse your whole being in nature, to become nature, to stand barefoot and say NO MORE to all those things that are broken in this world, from the choices we feel we have to make, the way we choose to live, to earn an income, to pay our bills and consume. We step off that runaway train of destructive habits and lay our whole bodies on the Earth, in total embrace of the heartbeat of all living beings, feeling all of this beneath our naked bodies and be welcomed home to ourselves, fall in love again with your own truth, reconnect with your child state, play in the mud, let the wind whip your hair and learn to walk again completely and wholly connected to the life of all things, from the mundane daily tasks to the magical realms of plant spirit communication.

Q How Do I Book?

As I work very deeply with you in your own journey ‘home’ to nature, please book by emailing me directly;

everyone who comes to stay here, has the beauty of having their stay tailored which can be very simple, silent retreat to one where you wish to have a great deal of assistance to strip away all of life’s restrictions