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You’ve done it before haven’t you?! 

Bought something on impulse while browsing online?

Most of us have. 

Maybe an ad in a magazine or newspaper has seduced you into whipping out your card to make a purchase? 

Chances are the words or “copy” within the web page or ad, have convinced or persuaded you, that the product or service has value. 

NOW! EVERY business large or small needs a copywriter, so read on to find out why. 

More than ever, people are shopping online. 

While browsing, people scan and scroll quickly from page to page. 

Research has shown that an ad or business has around five seconds to grab attention before the potential customer moves on. 

 This is where a copywriter can help you!  

They will help your ad or business “cut through the noise” and halt your prospect in their tracks so your ad or copy gets read, and your prospect takes the necessary action. 

 When you promote your product or services, the promotional material – whether a headline, web copy, blog post or newsletter – must connect with your target audience.  

A copywriter will study your business or product and make sure the copy speaks to, and connects with your audience. 

Writing engaging content for your ad, website, or blog however, takes time. Hiring a copywriter to do this allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Business owners often find it difficult to be objective when writing about their own service, product, or industry.  

Language that may seem clear and obvious to them, may not be to an outsider. A copywriter will write jargon free, easy to digest content that anyone can understand. 

A copywriter will propel your business ahead of your competition. 

Let us add spice and shine to your copy, and attract that extra traffic and sales to your business!  

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