Milena's Mosaic and other Art

Mosaic art handmade in Scotland

Handmade mosaics in Scotland

I use very good quality stained glass which I purchase online. I also use recycled material like crockery, porcelain, old jewellery and glass bottles.

The glass and porcelain pieces are hand cut, then set into cement and then they are grouted.

The mosaics are made on slate or plywood.

If you have some favourite, but broken crockery, which you can’t make yourself to throw away… it can be re-made into something else like an heart, a flower or an animal, to keep your memories alive…

  • Decorations
  • Flower pots
  • House numbers
  • Signs
  • Plaques
  • Clocks


Q Can the mosaic be hang outside?

Depends on what materials are used, some of the mosaics are made on slate and frost proof materials like glass and porcelain are used.
It is better to hang them on a sheltered part of a house/fence etc.,
where the rain and especially the snow doesn't sit on them.

Q Can these mosaic be send by post?

Yes they can, but it is a bit cheaper to send them by a courier company as they can be quite heavy (when made on slate).
The delivery price depends on the weight of the final product.
The packaged smaller mosaics are usually somewhere between
1,5 kg- 2,5kg which would cost between £10-£15

Q How do I fix the mosaic to the wall?

Generally they have two holes outside of the design. If the mosaic is done on a wooden board the standard picture hook method can be used.

Q Do you do workshops? How much do they cost?

Yes I do workshops.
In these two days, you will take home two mosaics, all materials and tools will be provided and hot drinks and soup will be served.
The price is £140 for two days of the workshop.

Q Could you make a commission?

Yes, commissions are welcome.
You just have to provide me with your wishes regarding the design, colours, materials. You can provide a picture of a landscape/house/logo or an animal.
You will be included in the creative process and I will show you the final piece before it is set into cement, when it can still be corrected or changed.