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Only when we feel able to authentically express who we are in all areas of our life can we experience true wellbeing

I work with individuals and small business owners to provide tailored wellbeing solutions as I appreciate that there is no one size fits all, which is why you will often hear me referring to the term authentic wellbeing.

There are more people than ever struggling with their mental health and as someone who has come through depression and burnout, I have had real life experience so know the struggle.  After changing my lifestyle to achieve wellbeing I am really passionate about supporting others to do the same.

One to One Coaching – if you’ve reached a point where enough is enough and you are ready to make changes in your life to achieve wellbeing, then reach out to me for a chat.

  • After listening to where you are right now and me explaining the coaching I provide and how it may help, you can then decide if this is something that’s right for you.   It maybe that I will refer you to other sources for support also, as depending on your mental health you may need other professional support alongside coaching.

Workplace Wellbeing – if you’re a small business owner with up to 100 employees and care about their wellbeing but don’t know where to start in your approach, then contact me so I can understand more about your business and how I could help you could take steps to improve or strengthen your employees wellbeing.

  • Please note that I don’t advocate a tick box approach to wellbeing, so will not be recommending benefit schemes, as true employee wellbeing is down to your organisational culture.

For more information you can also check out my website which has more detail on how we can work together.