Marta Canadell

Shadow Worker, Biodecoding Coach and Quantum Healer

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Thank you for connecting with me.

About me: I’m a Shadow Worker, Biodecoding® Coach, Quantum Healer and a Spiritual Teacher, with a Naturopathic background.

Since a very young age, it’s been always clear to me that everything is connected (body, mind, emotions and energy). One of the first books that would inspire me, that would connect these concepts, was “You can heal your life”, by one of the founders of the self-help movement, Louise L. Hay. I’ve been always interested in spiritual growth. And once I got into the path of Holistic Therapist, I found that true healing comes through authenticity and through integrating our shadows and our pain.

We tend to minimize negative things that happen to us, especially the painful emotions that we feel, saying that this is not that important. But for how long have you had back pain?, why after 10 years you still keep attracting partners who don’t commit?. Our bodies don’t lie, and neither our current reality.

We need to be honest with ourselves and with what we truly feel. We’ve been diminishing our feelings, experiencies, situations during all this time. We’ve been avoiding them, resisting to them. And precisely because of this, our health doesn’t improve, our reality doesn’t get better. It’s time to listen to ourselves, to feel our emotions and our pain. It’s time to be who we really are.

About my work: I started my work as Naturopath in 2013, after I graduated in Barcelona (Spain), where I’m originally from. This would include my Naturopathic Consultations in Shawlands (Glasgow), where I had the honour to offer them, right where the renowned Naturopath, Jan de Vries, used to offer his. But after integrating and practicing other therapies (like the Neuroplasticity of the Nervous System and its relation with trauma; with Nervous System specialist and Somatic Neuroplasticity Expert, Irene Lyon), and studying and applying other concepts in my own life (such as Law of Attraction and the work on the shadows), and my own healing journey, I decided to focus my consultations on Shadow Work, Biodecoding and Quantum Healing.

These therapies allow us to get to the root of our illness and our pain. And once we understand the messages that our bodies and/or our shadows have for us, we truly connect with ourselves and with our own healing powers. It’s then when real healing takes place. And it’s this what lasts forever.


The symptom is the doorway to healing. Our body doesn’t do things by chance or by mistake. It acts the way it does in order to help us to survive. If it develops something (or if it stops producing something), it’s because this is its way to keep us alive, with less stress, and as healthy, balanced and protected as possible.

But why would our body start following a path of disease instead of keeping on the path of health?. Because at some point in our life (including conception, pregnancy, birth and maybe other lifetimes), we experienced something that changed the instructions for our cells. This caused an impact within us simultaneously in our body, brain, psyche and energy field. And this would give a new message to the cells to go in another direction, which is what we now “see” as a symptom or disease.

To understand this better, let me give you this example: imagine this man, working under the sun the whole day, and he ends up getting sunburn. This is not the body going against him or manifesting red skin (maybe blisters) just because. This is the way that his body has to protect his skin from the damage from the UV.

Now, in the same way, someone who needs more time, who wants to slow down time, might develop hypothyroidism, as that would be her/his body’s way to help on that conflict.

Thanks to Biodecoding, we can access to the specific moment where the instructions for our cells were modified. Unlike other therapies (where they only work on 1 or 2 levels), we work on 4 levels at the same time, as all is connected (symptom, psyche, brain and energy field). We get into the root of the conflict, into our cells and true feelings. And once we understand why it all began, and why our body is acting the way it is, there’s no reason for the body to keep the symptom. And so real and lasting healing, takes place.

I’ve been trained as Biodecoding® Coach at The Biodecoding® Institute, with Christian Flèche and Marie Anne Boularand. So, at this moment, I work using the Biodecoding protocols to help you in your healing journey.


Healing comes through the path of authenticity and integration. Probably most of us have suppressed, rejected, denied, disowned and ignored some aspects of us that didn’t fit within our families, society, school and the world itself. They threatened our own survival and connection with the people who we loved, cared about and/or that we depended on.

These aspects haven’t gone away. Instead, they have become part of our unconscious. They’re here with us, crying out for us to pay attention to them. And they keep manifesting in our lives from this unconscious level, putting us in situations where we keep feeling “negative” emotions, where we feel that we have no control of our lives, and where we end up perpetuating the cycle as we don’t do what they would like us to do: to see them, to acknowledge them and to feel them.

Why don’t we do it? Because they are too uncomfortable or painful to feel. But it’s precisely the resistance to all of them that keep us suffering. When we do Shadow Work, I help you from this supportive, respectful and loving way, to become who you really are by understanding your shadows and by giving a voice to them. We don’t help us by forcing light into the dark. That just amplifies this rejection towards ourselves. We help our own self when we understand the dark. And this brings the light organically. 


I’ll help you to get from the physical body to the Quantum Field, where anything is expressing as waves of energy and vibration instead of a solid matter. Through a special Guided Meditation, you’ll connect with any issue that you might be experiencing at this moment in time (health, family, work, finances, spiritual growth, relationships), and you’ll be able to see, feel and understand why it is there and what you can do in order to get the healing and resolution that you’d prefer instead.

Thank you for being here. If you think that I can help you, please get in touch with me and we’ll allow the healing that is always present within you to manifest. But this time, knowing that you are not alone, as we are together in this.

Also, you can visit my Youtube channel: Healing Together

I try to live by example, so I created the channel trying to offer free resources, help and information on different subjects for everybody.

If for whatever reason my Youtube Channel gets censored, and since I support free speech, you can also visit my Brandnewtube channel: Healing Together. This link will redirect you to one of my videos, so that you can find my channel. Thank you.


Q What can you treat?

Anything. Our bodies have all the programs in our cells, all the resources inside. That means that in the same way they have the program to manifest a disease, they also have the program to heal it. Remember that we (our bodies), express what we need.

Q How many sessions will I need?

It depends because we are all different and unique. Some people will need one session and other people will need more. Healing is not something that we impose. Healing is something that happens organically once our conflict is resolved.

Think about it with this analogy: someone who needs to put 1 new wall in his living room, won’t take the same time as someone who needs to put 3. And wanting that the person who needs 3, takes the same time as the person who needs 1, would be forced, rushed, disrespectful, non-acceptant, and maybe impossible. And even if it was possible, probably the result wouldn’t be good.

So healing is the same. It’s a different journey for everybody.

Q How can I have a session with you?

You can book it online or through my website:

Once you book it, I'll send you a Zoom link with all the details, or a telephone number, if you'd prefer the session through the phone.

Q How much is a consultation?

- All consultations are £60 and they last between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half

- I also offer the option to buy a pack for a cheaper price:
Pack of 4 consultations: £200

Q Do you hold any credentials?

I'm a believer that practice makes the master, that life experience is a great teacher, and that people can tune into a “knowing” stream and just know how to do things, without learning them. I usually say that you can have as many certifications and degrees as you want to, but if you don't practice them, or you’re not good at them, they don't mean anything.

Also, many of the degrees that exist in our society, are not up-to-date and/or, have been manipulated, and/or maybe they're forbidden or non-existent in many countries. It's been really recently that studies such as Nutrition and Dietetics have been recognised as a degree, science and therapy. And now we know that not only they're needed for prevention, but also, to treat many diseases where food is one of the causes of them.

So my point is that if we only accept as "valid", the degrees recognised by our society, not only we won't be able to progress and/or to heal many things that the current "accepted" therapies, can't. But also, we won’t leave room for free thinking, innovation and creation, which would lead us to a brainless civilization with no choice.

I've studied extensively what I'm teaching, and I'm always keen to learn new things, as the field of therapies is always open and evolving. But most importantly, I have the experience. Not only from helping all my clients (friends and family) all these years. But also, from my own life experience and from experiencing what I'm practicing first with myself, thanks to other therapists (and therapies), and thanks to my own self-help, in my own healing journey.

But for those of you who really need to see my credentials, please visit my website (, under the section "FAQ - Do you hold any credentials?", on the top of the page. Thank you.

Q Are you insured?

Yes, I'm fully insured.

5 Reviews for Marta Canadell

Incredible expansive and nurturing experience

I had a biodecoding session with Marta on 27 August. Marta was exceptionally kind and professional from the start of our communications and particularly notable during the session. I had not experienced this kind of work before and I felt completely at ease that I could ask all the questions I needed to to help my experience. Marta’s presence was very tender and compassionate throughout the session. It was on zoom and due to the layout of my space she was unable to see me yet seemed to sense when I needed holding and supporting more deeply. During the session I was surprised and did not break down emotionally despite having some strange sensations, visions and realisations. I know this was because I felt safe and secure in the space that Marta was holding. I also had some hugely powerful and loving feelings and visions during the session, ones that I had not experienced before and this was really beautiful for me. Overall I felt I had been blessed to experience what I did with Marta’s kind and experienced energy. Following the session so many things have improved energetically for me and my outlook , feelings and perceptions have transformed for the better. Physically I have felt a lot lighter and as time goes by I seem to feel more and more connected with who I am and what is important for me. I have practiced a lot more self care and self love since this session and this is a huge step for me . I’m truly grateful to Marta for her authenticity and open heart. Blessings!

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Gisela 1 Reviews
Highly recommended!

I was doing with Marta Shadow Work. She is an amazing guide, we went to places that technically were not safe and she helped, guide me and hold me when I was going there. We connect in an amazing and quick way. She is a great host but also has the knowledge to help you. Do not hesitate, this kind of therapy I will say better go with highly recommended people like Marta. She knows what she is doing and she will help you a lot. Open to new options to heal with the right person. Gracias Marta, thank you so much!!!

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Nathalie 1 Reviews
Marta was lovely

I had a session with Marta today and it was both emotional and needed. She is a very open, loving person and helped me feel at ease. I didn’t feel judged and I felt safe. The session itself was surprisingly different to what I expected initially. For me it was meaningful and thought provoking. Since our session I have taken tools to use in my mind. It perhaps early to say what the definitive outcome is. Marta explained it may take a little time however I have been building on what we did together and I feel positive about it. Marta does not rush the session. She takes her time with a very patient manner.

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Sinead 1 Reviews
Great session

Marta made me feel at ease and explained the process of our session together so I was able to relax and enjoy the session with an open mind. I’m a firm believer in listening to your body and the cues it sends so the session with Marta was both informative and thought provoking and I’m so happy that I got to experience everything the session entailed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marta and her services to other people💙

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Mel Martin 1 Reviews
Marta's Biodecoding Therapy comes highly recommended.

I enjoyed my Biodecoding session with Marta, so much so that I wanted to learn the therapy itself. I wondered how did she do it so beautifully in such a short amount of time. What an amazing session it was, I was asked to focus on an issue and Marta expertly, simply and very easily led me to changing the whole dynamic around it. I was left with this beautiful glowing yellow and white light that I found in myself when I was a toddler and it came through as powerful energy to every other experience to the present day. How powerful is this all pervasive energy, how healing. Just phenomenal. 20/7/21

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