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Holistic Remedial Massage Therapies and Personal Training for Pain Management & Injuries

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Mindset. Exercise. Nutrition. Recovery.
The 4 essential pillars of fitness.

My goal is to help you adopt positive changes in your life to progress on your journey to feeling and moving better 365 days a year.

By taking a holistic approach to managing your health, I strive to create a plan that is designed around your lifestyle and personal commitments to be able to keep you feeling at your best all year round.

Combining manual therapy, physical exercise and a balanced approach to nutrition, you can be confident you will achieve the results you are looking for!


Q What types of massage do you offer?

From long, gentle Swedish-style massage strokes for relaxation to targeted acupressure and deep tissue massage for pain relief. Marc will discuss and assess the most suitable treatment options depending on your needs, each session is tailored to your personal preference.

Q What techniques do you use in the clinic?

Marc is experienced in a wide range of massage techniques including myofascial release, soft tissue release, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish massage, osteopathic articulation, PNF stretching, trigger point therapy, deep transverse frictions, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisations. Massage can be combined with an exercise plan to target any specific weaknesses or imbalances discovered during the assessment to support improvements in muscular strength and definition.

Q Do I need to be 'sporty' to try a sports massage?

Absolutely not, the term 'sports massage' simply refers to the use of movement (targeted mobilisations and stretches) during the massage treatment to support improvements in flexibility and mobility. As such, it can be a truly amazing experience to feel tension being released in your muscles and joints to restore normal range of movement and increase circulation. This can help improve posture and provide immediate pain relief.

Q What conditions do you treat?

Sports and Remedial Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.

Common injuries and symptoms that we are experienced in treating include:

- Neck and shoulder pain
- Lower back and hip pain
- Shoulder injuries
- Running injuries
- Tennis elbow
- Knee and ankle injuries
- Arthritis and joint pain
- Muscle tension
- MS and fibromyalgia
- Gait and postural alignment
- Injury prevention and rehabilitation
- Athletic performance

Q Are your classes and personal training sessions suitable for beginners?

Yes! Absolutely! All of our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and we always welcome beginners coming along to join our programme. We are a super friendly private training facility and our priority is to give you the support and motivation you need to get started on a new fitness programme. We encourage all of our members to work at their own pace and with small class sizes and 121 options, you will have dedicated trainer support to meet your every need.

6 Reviews for Marc Dinardo | Remedial Massage | Personal Training

Lotte 1 Reviews
Marc to the rescue!

I suffered with very sore muscles in neck and back, Marc has helped with his brilliant massage and I am now pain free, don’t worry Marc – I’ll be back before pain sets in next time!

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Tony.O84 1 Reviews
Completely changed my life

I lost over 22 pounds in 6 weeks following Marc’s workouts. Completely changed my life and I love exercising again

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Kim.P38 1 Reviews
Keeps me motivated

I love the variety of exercises, animations are so easy to follow even for a beginner like me. Keeps me motivated to continue.

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F.Cunningham79 1 Reviews
Never felt better

Had my first sport and physio treatment on my knee, every time i work out my knee would be cracking and would be concerned about it, but thanks to the very talented Marc Dinardo my knee has never felt better in it’s lifetime and the cracking is a thing of the passed ,I used to carry a lot of tension in my shoulders as well with the help of Marc my shoulders my posture has never felt better extremely pleased with the high-quality service that Marc can offer if you do have a sports injury i would extremely recommend Marc.

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G.Cameron2 1 Reviews
Marc is amazing!

Marc is amazing, I work long hours on my feet and am often in lots of pain. Each time I visit he gets massive knots out to the point I feel I could fly home . Don’t suffer get your back seen to!

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M.Filippone73 1 Reviews
Very professional. Definitely recommend.

I received treatment from Marc for back and shoulder soreness. Following the session my posture has visibly corrected, soreness and tightness has significantly reduced and I have been sleeping much better. Very professional, thorough and can definitely recommend. Thanks!

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