The Coffee Shop on the Corner in the East End of Glasgow

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So how long has Littlebird been trading?…

This coffee shop opened in April 2021 by a former-enlisted Royal Marine who returned to civilian life and decided he wanted to open a coffee shop not just to satisfy his addiction to coffee, but also to create a relaxed and welcoming meeting place for those living in the area.  

This has been achieved in spades and is worth a visit just to take note of the thought and attention to detail that has been given in designing the space.

He has since handed ownership over to Lyndsey and Sharron to make their mark on…

It is already becoming the heart of the community where locals meet for the best cup of coffee in the area… a delicious freshly prepared plate of whatever you fancy… and a chat with whoever may be sitting next to you.



So where does Littlebird source their coffee beans?…

The coffee beans are supplied by Faodail Roastery, one of Glasgow’s finest artisans of single origin beans.

They are dedicated to roasting beans of  the highest quality, ethically sourced and fully traceable.

Once roasted each batch is subjected to numerous cuppings and taste tests to ensure the best quality reaches your cup.

Littlebird supports the eco-friendly culture and the start-up culture and so offers all the ground coffee beans for compost beds and gardens as it is a great plant base and snails hate it.


So what kind of food does Littlebird serve?…

If ever there was ever an example of a picture speaking a thousand words, then here is one that describes the food on offer that a menu could never do…


So, is it sit-in only?…


…You can take out if you don’t have time to stay for a chat but have a craving for something tasty from the menu


Littlebird put together some awesome outdoor seating made out of wooden pallets

…Or you can have it specially delivered on 2 wheels the environmentally-friendly way, if you stay locally 

This is a hidden gem of a place and if there was one of these in every neighourhood the world would be a much happier place…

Come visit! 

4 Reviews for Littlebird

fieldsofnova55 1 Reviews
Friendly but why masks?

Friendly service. They do not discriminate, embarrass or hassel and question customers about not having a mask or using hand gel which is a big plus. I would also hope when the Gov mandate all cafes/resturants that all customers have to have a Vax Pass that they will not enforce this discrimination. A side point is however, don’t see how they can be awakened when all staff were wearing masks in their own place? There are many cafes etc which are not on the awakened pages and none of them wear masks or hassel you about wearing a mask or handgel. So seems odd that anyone awakened will wear a mask as they would know how masks are virtual signaling, complying with the lie propaganda of reminding people there is a so called deadly virus, making it seem like its normal to be wearing masks and that masks are very bad for your health. Plus we wanted somewhere we would feel comfortable and when all staff are wearing masks that makes us feel uncomfortable and makes it a non human experience and reminds us of the tyranny. Yes I know some people might be aware of whats going on and still wear a masks and wear it as they are worried about their mask zealots customers not coming back and loosing business. But we need to make a stand against this evil and many cafes have staff which dont wear masks and they are not on the awakened pages.

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Jackson55555562 1 Reviews
Good little place. Highly recommended

Great overall, would like more healthy stuff and more ingredients list up front.

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weecaroline1642 1 Reviews
Friendly and cosy cafe

This lovely little cafe has now re-opened under new ownership. The two girls who now own it are so friendly and welcoming – they were wearing masks but no mention of me and my husband not wearing any. They have refurbished the premises in pastel colours, with loads of cushions to make it super comfy. I had a piece of iced ginger cake and my other half had caramel shortcake, both cakes were lovely. Would definitely recommend a visit and we will be back there again soon. We were there on a Saturday, although there is no mention of Saturday opening on their Awakened Pages listing. I would have given a five star review but could only click on the four star one.

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Cafe under refurbishment

Disappointingly cafe was closed (at lunchtime). I couldn’t see any signs to say when it would re-open. Not sure if they are refurbishing or business has closed?

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