Josy Spooner Rolls – Business/Life Transformation Coach

For holistic business owners looking to upgrade their success and start thriving in life.

I am a transformational coach. I specialize in working with the holistic-minded and spiritually curious, who are struggling to properly align with their purpose, to shift, from procrastination to confidence and success.

My flow state is supporting unique, passionate, and all-around amazing entrepreneurs like you to fulfill your potential.
IF YOU YES YOU are so ready to upgrade your holistic business and would love to:
>> Earn the money that gives you freedom.
>> Work fewer hours so that you spend more time with your family and doing what you love.
>> Love what you do and can’t wait to jump out of bed every day to get started.
>> Are transforming your ideal client’s lives time and time again.
>> Feel supported, even if you are a sole trader or small business.
Then get in touch. I love to have fun and keep the vibe high, so I combine traditional coaching and marketing techniques with powerful energy work and alignment with your own unique set of guides, who are just waiting to see you ditch those limiting belief and shine like the fabulous unique soul that you are!