Earth Healing with Joy and EnjoUK

Save time and money while helping the Earth. Much better to give Chemicals a wide berth.


ENJO’s high quality products offer you a cost-effective, chemical-free cleaning regime that is scientifically proven to be more hygienic than traditional methods.

Using only cold water, the advanced ENJO fibres deliver an outstanding clean and last up to 3 years, helping you to reduce plastic waste and chemical residues in our waterways.

I found Enjo in early 2020 and have used nothing but this ever since.

I threw out all my chemicals and find my home stays cleaner longer as well as cleans much faster… It saves at least 50% of your cleaning time… The fibres hold onto the  bacteria and debris and release when they are washed with hot soapy water.

Therefore no nasty chemicals to go down your drain!

The fibres are used all over the house… outside… car… BBQ… and your body… as well as saving time and money!

These fibres are used for 3 + years!.

Great for acne.

If you are someone that wants to help the environment get in touch.

Especially if you have anyone with breathing difficulties in the home, drop the chemicals today.

Can you drink your cleaning fluid? I can!

If you own a business such as a hotel, B&B etc and clean without chemicals, Enjo will give you something to place on your wall to show your clients.


Christmas offers are now on my website Although Enjo is used all year round, at this time of year we have special offers. As well as these, if you have a demonstration with me over zoom, before the end of October( subject to conditions) you can get a free pair of polishing slippers. These are like gold dust!

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Q Can it was as good as my usual chemicals?

It has been shown to wash 6 x better with only using cold water!

Q Why are there different fibres?

The fibres are cut for different types of fat and debris, depending on the room.

Q How do I get them?

You can either purchase from my shop or I can demonstrtate them either one to one or for a groups of like minded friends. This can be done in person if close to me, or over Zoom.

Q Where is your shop?