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Interested in all things Dragon Energy? One size does not fit all and I may be able to help.

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If you are interested in self empowerment, walking your talk, speaking your truth, dropping all pretence and discovering your autonomy then I may be able to help.

Hello my name is Cheryl and in the simplest of terms I work with energy.

In October 2014 I was allowed to bring through some of the Dragon Energy that I work with in various forms for people to experience for themselves.
It continues to grow and expand at a very rapid rate – and is now the predominant energy that I work with. Or I should say that works through me.
Typically we are helping others find the tools they need for their own self empowerment. Working with shadow and holding space while you fully step into the autonomous being that you are.
A curious addition was in 2020 I was allowed (if not down right encouraged) to bring in the Dino Energy that I work with. They bring the light hearted balance and encourage us not to take ourselves too seriously.
Everything is continuing to expand – buckle up folks!
Dragon Energy:
This is the energy that works with me the most. And the one I am most comfortable with as it’s with me 24/7. 
They have been around me since I was very young ……..and we have an understanding. 
Since working with them I have found myself again. With a lot of blood, sweat and tears but we got there. And things are still evolving.
They push you to really look at yourself, your energy, your beliefs and feelings. To work out what is ACTUALLY yours and what you have picked up from others, been conditioned to believe and more. 
What I will say is while it can be tough going at the start they do support you. They will give you only as much as you can cope with. But they will kick your rear when you need it. Trust me you’ll know when they do as you’ll feel it. 
I offer various different sessions with this energy. Those who are serious about doing their own work, facing their shadow and taking responsibility for themselves may resonate with this energy.
We (myself and the “team” as I call them) hold space for you as you/we work through what comes up. And it’s different for everyone, no two sessions are ever the same. The majority of the work is distance with the findings emailed to you afterwards. But in some cases we can facilitate an on-line session if you prefer (a virtual) face-to-face. 
1-2-1 Energy Mentoring:
This is a little more open ended as it’s a dedicated Zoom/Messenger/Skype session for you to bring up what you need to bring up. These are essentially tailored to you. And while not specifically Dragon energy lead they are always in the background offering support and advice. 
I offer 60 min, 90 min and 120 min sessions.
Preloved crystals:
This is the other side of what I do which can take people a little by surprise. 
I help people to move on their preloved/second hand crystals in a dedicated private Facebook group called Preloved Crystal Sales.
Long story short a friend was looking to move on a HUGE crystal collection and was simply going to give them away. I stepped in and asked if I could try selling a few for her so there was an energy exchange to keep things balanced. 
I did. 
And then I took on the whole collection. 
Over 6 years later this has grown arms and legs, it’s gone international and is continuing to grow. At the time when I opened the group there really weren’t that many places to showcase preloved pieces. I can happily say that’s no longer the case. 
I now sell on behalf of approx 25+ people from around the world. And this is a service I offer when space opens up. To take on your collection and sell on your behalf – bypassing the stress and hassle of selling online. People who hate selling, don’t have time, or don’t have the energy have found this to be very, very useful.
If this has sparked something in you get in touch for more details.
Dino Energy and crystal carves:
“Back up did you really say Dino Energy???”
I really did. This one took me by surprise as well in all honesty. This was utterly out of the blue and oddly flows beautifully with Dragon energy.
This energy is playful, fun, and brings you back to when you were a child. It’s about not taking life as seriously as we sometimes do. To be present and enjoy the moment.
I’ve had a lot of people experience them in my my work and they get the giggles. Which is ultimately the point. Don’t get me wrong if they need to step in and help you with your boundaries and other shadow work they will. But they’ll bring you back with a belly laugh.
They got so loud that I finally gave in and do offer work with this energy as well.
And as they wouldn’t shut up I spoke to a carver in China and after a 4 year gap Dino crystal carves made their way to me in 2020. I have a dedicated group on Facebook called Dino Dreaming and we have a lot of fun in there. 
Currently I have 5 inch crystal carves at £150 available for sale – and they make you laugh.
I started out with Reiki way back in 2002 and I credit it for being a stepping stone for getting me where I am today.
I’m a Tibetan Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher.
Currently I offer training in both modalities. Full details can be found on the website.
Feel free to get in touch:
If anything has struck a chord or has you wanting to find out more please feel free to get in touch via the website or Facebook. Or if you feel confident jump on over to the booking system to see what’s available. 
Logo credit : for your own Soul Star Signature please contact Wendy Murphy via www.inner-calling.co.uk


Q Do you have in-person appointments?

Not currently. I decided in 2019 that online appointments fitted best with my business and the way it was flowing. I do offer Zoom, Messenger or Skype appointments instead.

The one exception to this is an in-person Dragon Clearing if you are local to where I am based.

Q Where do I start with the Dragon Energy work?

It all depends on how much self work you have done, what resonates and where you feel a bit stuck. If just starting out I recommend having a look at the website or the Facebook page if you can access them to get a feel for my energy and what pops up.

Those who are familiar with things or feel ready , once a month I offer a group Dragon Release distance session. Where you can join for £4.50 and get a taste of what can come up during this work.

From there you can go for your own Release session, or a 1-2-1 Energy mentoring session, working up to a Dragon Clearing and more.

There are more options available and can be tailor made per person.

Q Do you have a monthly membership?

I do! Freshly launched in July 2021 we have the Arse Kicked by Dragons membership. If you feel a bit stuck, a bit meh or just a bit cheesed off with all things spiritual this is a bit of a boot up the rear end to get things moving again.

It's a bit warts and all right now but it is challenging people to look at things in their life from different perspectives. Having a bit of a shake up along the way.

As many people who are doing their own work are pretty busy (especially those working in the field) we have a challenge dropped in the Facebook group at the start of the month and a follow up live Q&A session at the end of the month.

Giving you plenty of time to work through what comes up. You go at the speed that works for you while having access to myself and the team and those in the group/community.

It's not all serious and it helps to have a sense of humour.

Priced at £25/month for the duration of your membership.

Please get in touch for more details if this sound like your kind of thing.

Q Do you have a booking system for appointments?

Yes I do. You can access it via the website under the booking tab.

If the dates/times available aren't suitable you can get in touch to discuss other availability.

Q Do you teach Dragon Energy courses?

That's a yes and no answer.

I do short ad-hoc online courses through the year on specific aspects or topics.

There is a much larger dragon energy specific course coming - but it's not written yet *wry smile*

I do offer 1-2-1 Dragon Coaching sessions for the time being.

Q What are preloved crystals?

Preloved crystals refer to second hand/vintage crystals rather than brand new from the mine/carver/supplier.

Q Do I have to sell my preloved crystals through you?

Not at all.

If you have access to Facebook I have a dedicated private sales group which I opened up to others to sell from not just myself.

If you have a small number of items or a small collection I actually recommend you sell them direct rather than going through myself.

If you have a larger collection, or simply no time or energy to sell them yourself we can chat about me taking this on for you. Or joining a waiting list depending on space.

As always please get in touch for more details and a breakdown of costs etc.

Q I see you do Reiki attunements can I book a reiki session with you?

Not currently no. I made a decision in 2018/19 to step away from Usui and Angelic reiki treatments.

This was to allow my other work to step forwards.

Q Do you have a newsletter to keep in touch?

I do yes. Go to the website and on the footer of each page you'll see a link to subscribe.

I don't send too many so you won't be inundated!

You can of course unsubscribe at any time you wish.

Q I'm not 100% sure if this is for me or not, is it possible to have an online chat?


I can offer a free 15 minute Zoom/Skype chat for you to ask any specific questions you have and to sense check my energy i.e. make sure I'm the right person for you. These aren't currently in the booking system so please get in touch and we can set one up.

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Angela sneddon 1 Reviews
Very quick and friendly

Cheryl is very friendly and takes the time to find you just what you need. We spent a few days chatting via email so i could get just what i was looking for. Her prices are great and vary depending on your budget Speedy delivery and well packaged I will definitely be buying more crystals from her.

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