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I am a Massage Therapist and Accredited KCR practitioner, offering a wide range of holistic therapies aimed to alleviate pain and discomfort due to misalignment, muscle tension, fascia restrictions, postural imbalances, stress, anxiety, etc.

I often combine therapies during sessions to adapt treatments to my client’s specific needs. I work from my home clinic in Stirling. 

Body Nurture Stirling, offers a holistic approach, aiming to bring the body into balance with professionalism, integrity and confidentiality. 

The therapies I offer are: 

✔️KCR (Kinetic Chain Release: is an extremely effective system of medically recognised and approved gentle joint mobilisations and stretches, that provides high degree of relief and even instant resolution of many conditions such as
-Back, Neck & Shoulder pain
-Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain
-Migraines & Tension headaches
-IBS & Bloating
-Chronic Fatigue/ME & Fibromyalgia
-TMJ Dysfunction, amongst many other conditions.

✔️Combining KCR + Massage to correct alignment, improving posture and enhancing athletic performance. Also, to release muscle tension, alleviating pain and in many instances resolution of symptoms of many chronic conditions.

✔️Swedish Massage: Relaxing and energising. It combines long, kneading rhythmic strokes on top of muscle layers and joint movement, to relieve stress, tension, pain and to improve blood circulation.

✔️Deep tissue Massage: a treatment that  focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscles and fascia using firmer pressure and can also refer to gentle, slow yet sustained pressure to release tension and pain. Offered as full body or partial body.

✔️Pregnancy Massage:  is soothing and relaxing, using gentle strokes to alleviate aches and pains and using specific techniques to help with conditions like: back pain, morning sickness, oedema (swelling of legs), leg cramps, etc.The benefits can be passed onto the baby too, as the “feel good” endorphins are released by the mother during massage and passed onto the baby. 

Please visit my Facebook page for more information of my work and feedback from clients. 


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Andrea provides and outstanding service and has alleviates my aches and pains with her personalised KCT and massage treatment. This is far more effective than any other massage therapy that I have experienced. I have noticed an improvement to my posture too.

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