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what is hypnotherapy?

It is a wonderfully fast, effective therapy which changes lives immeasurably in a very short time.

I’m a clinical & analytical hypnotherapist with over twenty years experience.

I had to close my physical clinic during the lockdowns due to exorbitant city centre rents. I now work via zoom which I’ve found to be every bit as successful as face to face therapy.

It also means I can help other awake people who don’t live in my area!

I help people who suffer from a wide range of issues from anxiety and depression, panic attacks etc to phobias and addictions. I also offer weight loss, smoking cessation and hypnobirthing. 

how does online hypnotherapy work?

The first step is to book in for a free online 30 minute initial consultation.  You can book in yourself via my online calendar (on the home page of my website), or you can contact me via these pages, email me or leave a message on my answerphone.

The initial consultation enables me to find out more about you and what you are seeking help with. It also gives you a chance to meet me and find out more about hypnotherapy – how it works and how it can help you.

There is never any obligation to make a decision at the end of your consultation. You can take time to have a think about it and maybe ask more questions of me via email so you can make an informed decision one way or the other.

You will find more information on my website about the service I offer, and also a free hypnotherapy relaxation session of mine on my Facebook page. This gives you a chance to experience hypnotherapy for yourself!

Do let’s chat and see how I can help you. 

Penny Albertella (miaebp dip hyp, fcipd)


Q What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis or trance can be described as those times when we all experience a natural shift in our conscious awareness. It is a state of mind that most of us go through on a daily basis, for instance when daydreaming, when watching a film, when you fall asleep while reading a book, or when you drive a few miles and have little conscious memory of how you got there!

Hypnotherapy is carried out by a qualified therapist who guides you into the same shift in conscious awareness. You remain fully in control.

Q Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes! As long as you feel comfortable working with the hypnotherapist and are there of your own free will, wanting to make positive changes, then you will guided into a lovely state of relaxation.

The only times it is not advised is if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or suffering from psychosis.

Q Do you offer a free initial consultation

Yes! I offer a free, online, no obligation, initial consultation. It lasts about 30 minutes.

You can book yourself in via my online calendar on my website or contact me by phone (answerphone), email, or social media.

Q How experienced are you?

I have over twenty years experience with a hugely successful track record - please see some of my testimonials on my website.

Q Do you offer online hypnotherapy?

Yes! All my hypnotherapy sessions are online via a free app or web-based and very safe, confidential platform called Zoom.

4 Reviews for Bay Therapy Hypnotherapy

F.N52 1 Reviews
Helped with my fear of needles.

I had my blood taken. I cant say I enjoyed it but I was much better than usual (no tears or sweating even during the procedure). Thank you so much for getting me this far.

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W.L9 1 Reviews
I cant sing your praises highly enough!

To date I have lost 23lbs without seemingly any effort at all. I only wish I had seen your advert years ago. Thank you. I have sung your praises

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K.Bournemouth60 1 Reviews
The birth of my child was fantastic!

I thought I would let you know the outcome of my son’s birth. Compared to the birth of my daughter which was so traumatic, I gave birth to my son so easily and quickly. People around could not believe how calm and relaxed I was and how I gave birth so quietly without any pain relief. I was told it would be easy but I did not believe how fantastic it would be!

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S.Sharpe71 1 Reviews
Penny has changed my life!

Penny has changed my life around. I had an accident at work in 2018 and my mobility is really poor. I went to Bay Therapy in Exeter. I had 4 sessions for weight loss. To date I am 1lb off my loss of 2 stone. I couldn’t have achieved this without Penny. I am not on a diet I am making different choices. I make these choices without thinking about it. I would recommend Bay Therapy and if I need help with other things I will use Penny every time.

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