Balance Mind Body Heart with Sofie

Victim & Criminal Profiling | Human Therapist | Astrologer

Sofie has practised as a body and skin therapist, chiropodist and holistic therapist for over 25 years. She set up her own Wellness Salon in Ostend, Belgium, offering a complete beauty experience. Her wide-ranging treatments covering mind, body and spirit are based upon dedicated training and extensive experience in all aspects of beauty, holistic and complementary therapies.

A few years ago she decided to follow her true soul path and started a new life in the UK.

Spiritually connected, Astrology chart reading has been something she’s done since she was a teenager and was a natural gift to feel, as a highly sensitive person to be able to read charts through intuitive and spiritual connection.

Now she wants to assist anyone on their emotional, mental and spiritual journey, to get a better understanding of who they truly are.

In 2020 a career change came along, along with a deeper understanding of humanity.

Healing trauma and repairing society is now a bigger issue than ever before.

At the beginning of 2021 she successfully finished a Victim & Criminal profiling training course allowing her on her next mission

VCPA Program

Mental health care has never been so in demand as now, I recently made career change, based on my holistic experiences and working with people in a therapeutic way has made me realise that the balance between Mind, Body and Spirit is ever so important. One goes with the other, if not in balance, life can get very unbalanced and people and go down a negative spiral. Victim & Criminal profiling Academy trained me to assist people to heal, repair from sexual abuse, physical, emotional and psychological abuse. As well with victims as offenders, to prevent from committing (peado-) sexual crimes ever again. It is time to talk about the taboo, serious issues that are damaging our society and children.

Sessions via Zoom or Skype with the VCPA program therapy.

Therapy Sessions

Counselling sessions are done online, over Skype or Zoom. In case of distance or other issues, where face to face consultations are not possible. Sessions and one-line fees are visible on the booking page. Home visits are possible in the area of West Dorset.


Have your soul passport read to you, do you want to find out, who you really are? What kind of path you walk, and how you can make yourself a better and stronger, empowered man/woman? This can be an open doorway to many sides, to discover. A chart reading based on your birthday, time and place of birth. Western astrology has always been popular and remember, billionaires use astrology , not millionaires. Important decisions have been made through astrological planetary positions, world wide events have been seen and predicted. Personal chart can be surprising and confirming that the path you’re taking in life is meant to be. Prices on request.