Baileys Aromas

When that melting moment reminds you of a beautiful memory!

At Baileys Aromas,

We personally handmake these from our very own home kitchen.

​Every scented soy wax melt we make is made with pure love and devotion.  We absolutely love getting creative with colours and designs.  We want it to be that each and every time you light your wax melt it feels like a little warm hug in your home from us.

We use a special blend of natural soy wax of it’s highest grade giving you the best scent throw.

We only use the highest quality oils, mica & colours.

Our blend is 100% biodegradable, vegan friendly and animal cruelty free.

We are always testing oils to ensure you get the strongest possible fragrance.

We are fully CLP compliant & insured.

Visit our shop on our website to view our full range which we are constantly adding to!