Back into Balance

KCR Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) a form of holistic physiotherapy to help re-align the body, release pain and trauma, and increase energy.

It is a gentle, yet effective range of physio mobilisations and massage to release connective tissue blockages which cause back, neck, shoulder, arm, leg, hand & foot pain.  It is relaxing yet invigorating and one session is often all that is needed to regain pain free movement.  Clients are fully dressed.

Yoga – 1:1, 1:2 or more. Hatha based with a twist, movement to music, easy HIIT yoga style. Releasing stress & tension in a fun and relaxing way, whilst building cardio fitness, core muscles and strength. Suitable for all.

Happy to chat about your needs, Laurie.