We are an independent, community Yoga school teaching authentic 26&2 Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) – a unique life changing practice which has benefited,  healed and enhanced the lives and bodies of million of people worldwide. We offer the original, true and best hot yoga series, always taught by experienced teachers who are qualified to do so.  Based in Edinburgh.

The Yoga

26 Asanas.

2 Pranayamas.

105F Hot Room with 40% humidity.

Every body can experience this Yoga practice, regardless of age, form or ability.

It has been experienced by millions and proven scientifically; the posture and breathing exercises practiced in the bikram yoga series, work every part of your body systematically. Giving your organs, veins, arteries, ligaments and muscles everything they need to achieve maximum function and maintain ultimate health.

Each component of the series takes care of something different in the body and soul. Together they work in synergy and contribute to the success of one another. Along with the compression and stretching, stillness and breath in the specific asanas, your heart rate will increase and reduce for a strong and safe cardiovascular workout promoting optimum function in all the systems in your body.

Inferno Hot Pilates

This is a training system which combines pilates principles with high intensity interval training (HIIT).

We are proud to be the first school in Scotland to bring this to you!

This class is designed specifically for the hot room, (slightly cooler than our Bikram Yoga classes), and our classes are guided and accompanied by inspired and highly motivational soundtracks.

It is an intense, low impact, full body workout which strengthens muscles and burns fat… your core will powerfully develop (your Yoga practice will deepen), you will get leaner and stronger and expand your mind to new levels..

We welcome ALL levels of fitness including beginners…. The 60 minute classes pass quickly, the results stay!

The School

We are a sanctuary from the madness. A welcoming converted warehouse with a beautiful, large and clear, purpose built hot yoga room. The yoga room is heated and humidified with regular fresh air changes. There is a mirrored wall to guide you in your practice and the floor of the yoga room is covered in antibacterial Flotex. We have changing rooms with great showers; as well as a comfortable communal space to sit, chat, read, relax, and meet your fellow students and teachers if you choose, or have questions before and after class.

Teaching now for 20 years, I opened the school in 2012; with just me teaching and a purpose built hot room in a leaky old warehouse. Over the years we reclaimed, upcylcled, borrowed and manifested and the space has become something we are so proud of. It grew into a beautiful, strong, happy community. The last couple of years changed some things, and we lost some folk along the way. We would love to welcome more of the Awakened Community to our space. Your smiles and support will go far!  

There is SO much for you to love too – I promise – and FIRST CLASS IS FREE to all Awakened Pages members. If we could just get the whole world practicing Yoga……..

Emma x

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