Awakened Hosting

Delivering what you need. Quickly and securely.

Awakened Hosting is an online services company setup specifically for us awakened folk.

We offer currently 4 services:

WordPress Site Building and Management

We can build your website and manage it for you.

Offshore Web Hosting

Web hosting for many people is currently under attack by the governments and big tech companies who do not want your voice or product out there. They want you quitened down so that they can push their agenda bigger and harder.

I offer web hosting via non dmca offshore servers meaning that Google & Co do not have the monopoly on this piece of the internet and it can’t be forcefully removed from the internet with take down requests, fake laws and agendas.

We offer 3 packages for hosting which allow you to scale your blog, gaming site, ecommerce site etc to the size you need at low costs and the guarantee that your web site is protected from harm.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN’s are an almost essential daily requirement for people such as ourselves. It protects you in many ways including the follow

  • No logs – ISP can not see what you are doing, so can’t record it.
  • Hackings – Protection against hackers especially on public networks where they live to thrive.
  • Country specific searching – You can connect to multiple locations across the world and search their internet results as opposed to singularly UK
  • IPTV services – Watch content from IPTV services across the world such as Netflix, Hulu etc.

One VPN account can be used on up to 10 devices at a time giving you security and piece of mind for all your devices.

Offshore Dedicated Servers & VPS 

Do you run your own gaming servers? Web hosting? Video hosting? or services that require your own dedicated space?

Then we have a great solution for you (Currently being updated and will be live within a few days) Our offshore dedicated barebones servers are handpicked for quality with customisation to the various needs of your business activity or leisure activity.

We also offer offshore Virtual Private servers. Personally, I swear by them, I currently use 3 VPS for each of my businesses giving myself a fresh dashboard where nothing I do can be linked back to me from the Government and the Elite. Should my computer be checked (as we know it always is) I have only a couple of games on there that they can see. Plus there is the advantage of super speed bandwidth giving you 500mbs or 1gbs speed so you can quickly and easily navigate through your work or leisure.