Autism Support, South Lanarkshire

Autism support

I provide support and fun to children with Autism and support for the family in any way I can.  I have supported in schools and home education, as well as general child minding and play working. 

Autism Support:  Assisting with behaviours, language, social skills, school support and much more.

Behaviour Support:  Support for children with challenging behaviours in home or school.

Babysitting:  Baby sitting services specialising in children with additional needs.

ABA Therapy:  Tutor provides one on one ABA Therapy for your child.  I was originally trained in ABA therapy however my views on ABA therapy have changed although this training over many years has covered so much, which has been so beneficial in helping me to find my own supportive, fun, empathetic way.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the ways in which I can help support you and your child.