Art Yourself Alive

I am an Intuitive Artist… Energy Healer.. and holder of safe space for Self-Care using mindful doodling & creative expression.

I am Founder of Doodle Cafe & Soul Sofa, immersive programmes for embedding creativity into your daily wellbeing practice. Launching Hello Doodle Podcast in 2022 = Conversations with Creativity. Brighton UK

As a self-taught visual artist, with a rich background in theatre, dance, poetry and music immersion, I find myself opening pencil portals for healing imagery to birth herself. A soul expression for raising collective consciousness. It’s a magical aspect of a life rooted in family challenges and mental health journeys. And that’s where I am. In service, to myself, my healing and for those who are ready to travel the journey with me for their own growth.

I am a natural teacher having spent 16 beautiful years in education, a pied piper of storytelling through theatre, a wayshower on the journey to self, self-worth & self-acceptance. Children need this more than anyone, a roadmap to their essence, value & reason to be here. In the classroom I honed my message. And then I decided to apply it to myself. In gratitude to all the children & teens who listened & played in the spaces with me I embarked on my own inner child healing in 2016. They were my mirror back to myself.

In that time I have immersed myself in Quantum & Somatic healing processes, found my centre & boundaries, entered the entrepreneurial space, played with Arts in the community with ‘Soul Sofa’, created Doodle Cafe, allowed my intuitive art to flow freely, without expectation & had a year off to ‘receive’ support. I find myself here, once again, sharing my offerings with a renewed sense of truth.

Every time I hold space to allow a SourceDoodle to come through,

I am simultaneously claiming my right to be here,

as a spiritual being in a human body,

exploring ways to feel safe and in flow in this body