Annu Tara

Embodying Truth | Mentoring

My name is Annu Tara and I’m here to initiate & expand the minds of others by helping them to open to what is possible through the future-orientated ability to understand what’s coming and how to best prepare and align for this.

I do this on a 1-1 basis through online personal sessions and cycles of longer-term mentoring.

Periodic or one-off personal sessions can serve as a self-correcting, self-aligning check-in. A session can help to get you back on track with yourself, your inner authority and your own source energy – and sometimes that’s all that’s needed. One-off sessions can also be helpful if there’s a particular situation that you want to clarify, resolve or move forward.

Cycles of longer-term mentoring are available through purchasing session blocks where our work together is able to go much deeper as the self-revealing wisdom of who you are and what you’re here to bring into form through your unique individuation process, expansion, and the embodiment of your true nature.

It’s important to understand that mentoring is not the same as counseling, coaching or therapeutic treatment although there can be an overlap in these qualities and benefits at times. But it’s more accurately a sharing and exchange of truth, frequency, direct experience, wisdom & self-intimacy, as the flourishing of what’s already within you and the burning through of what’s not you, which also asks for a practical, embodied application in the ground of your life.

Each of us has deep inside the latent seed of our own Spirit, and that Spirit is also the keeper of a powerful and unique Dream that we came here to live and express through our embodiment. The cracking open of that seed can be both challenging and invigorating and often demands a robust purification process – even when its unfolding is tender and quiet in its expression.

What makes you YOU is utterly unique – there is no one and no thing like it! So the purification and resolution process is one that bursts the shell of your personal, ancestral and societal patterns, pains and homogenisation. And this is where our 1-1 mentoring work together can initiate and accelerate your process.

All of humanity and planet Earth are now engaged in a profound and unprecedented shift, sometimes referred to as The Great Transformation, which speaks to our personal, collective, and planetary intensification and restructuring between the years of 2020-2030 and beyond.

My job is to help your Spirit awaken and the biology of your body to activate so that the Dream-seed latent deep within you can crack open as the unfolding of your truest expression of Life, purpose, passion & joy.

How Personal Sessions & Mentoring Can Support You:

  • Dismantle internalisations of fear, societal/ancestral conditioning & mental programming
  •  Understand how to effectively and compassionately work with suffering/trauma, fragmentation, pain & the reclamation of what’s been exiled
  • Root into your inner authority, self-gnosis, and the inherent freedom & sovereignty of your true being
  • Understand the mechanics of your unique design, and how to begin following your inbuilt GPS system
  • Dissolve whatever is taking up the space of your radical joy, passion, and relaxation – and allow your natural rhythms & cyclical nature to guide your process
  • Deepen your self-intimacy, intra-connection, radical self-love & belonging

Is This Work For You?

If you have a feeling that working together could support you, then the answer is possibly yes!

If you are still unsure but are considering mentoring with me, I’m happy to communicate via email with you to answer your questions, or we can arrange a short phone call to discuss.

My work is available for persons aged 18 and over – parental or guardian consent is advised if you are below this age. I work with people of all genders, and I also work with couples and families, although individually in 1-1 sessions.

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