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Every Body Tells It’s Story

Your Biography Becomes Your Biology Carolyn Myss

Throughout our lives our bodies adsorb all sorts of traumas, not only physical ones, but emotional and verbal ones too. These events can set up problems in our bodies that manifest in pain, discomfort, or dis-ease. Using an integrated approach of combining McTimoney adjustments alongside Upledger CranioSacral therapy techniques, we aim to listen to your body and it’s biography , and help it to tell release the residual effects of past trauma and emotional events, getting to the deepest level of pain and illness.

McTimoney alignment is a straight forward method of adjusting the bones of the body to maintain the correct alignment of your spine and pelvis, to ensure that your body’s nerve supply works efficiently. The gentle nature of the McTimoney adjustment makes it suitable for everyone from the very young, to the very old, and every age in between. Joy uses only her hands to perform the adjustments with speed, dexterity and accuracy.

Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, CST, is a gentle treatment which can create dynamic improvements in a person’s life. By releasing tensions deep in the body, the body can relax and self correct. Deep rooted issues that have an emotional aspect, that is rarely addressed with other hands-on modalities, are healed with the unique approach of CST when the somatic-emotional aspect is dealt with. As with McTimoney adjustments, CST is working with the central nervous system, consisting of the bones, soft tissues and fluid that surround and nurture your brain and spinal cord.


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