It’s Time For OUR Great Reset!

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This year has witnessed the imposition of unprecedented restrictions on the ability of small business owners to trade, which has resulted in the biggest transfer of wealth in history to the already wealthy few multinational corporations.

We have, however, the imagination and the ability to change the course of the new abnormal by simply choosing to spend our hard-earned money with small businesses, and the self-employed, whose entrepreneurial spirit form the real backbone of our economy and local communities.

The team at Awakened Pages aspire passionately to be part of the solution, to harness the potential of our collective spending power, and to facilitate the redirection of wealth from the large corporations back to the local communities and businesses. Our unique online directory can connect thousands of awakened businesses with tens of thousands of awakened customers who want to support them.

Our aim is to create a single directory where principled people can find and support independent businesses within their local area, as well as those across the country, who respect the “old normal” and share our traditional values.


How It Works

Use the directory to find businesses to buy from regularly or for one-off needs. Take advantage of the personalised customer service that one can only receive from the small business owner. Discover for instance:

Make this a place where new connections are created, friendships are built, and fond memories are conceived. A place where the old-fashioned bonds of trust and goodwill are at the heart of each and every exchange.

Now more than ever, it’s time to support our local businesses and to support each other, in our common goal to get our lives back to normal.

Together, we can prosper…

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